B.A. Fall Residency 2018

(Read carefully all the below before applying. Application instructions are at the bottom of this document. Feel free to contact us if you have any further question). 


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ELIGIBILITY: The residency is open worldwide to visual artists, curators and writers.


Benaco Arte is an artist-run residency. We are currently running our residency without grants from the State or Donors yet, therefore we ask who participate a contribution to cover (partially) the expenses of the residency. The fee is stated in the section right under this introduction.

We are very thankful for the support and interest received up to now and we hope to be able to provide more and better opportunities to our community (new and old) in the future.

You can apply for 2-weeks and 1-month residency:

690 Euro per 2-weeks residency;

1.290 Euro per 1-month residency.


Dates for the “Fall Residency 2018”:

  • 2 weeks runs on October 1st-15th or 16th-30th;
  • 1 month runs on October 1st-30th.

BEFORE applying, please read the residency’s description here: https://benacoarte.org/about/

Submission Deadline: July 31st, 2018

Notification: all the applicants will be notified within the two-weeks after submission of their application.
Remember: we will prioritize the early applications received on our selection process and might ask you to have a meeting with us before the final deadline date. If you pass the first phase, we will contact you to plan a Skype-meeting (or FaceTime) with us.

Send the application material to: info@benacoarte.org.

The object of the e-mail has to highlight your: Firstname.Lastname_FALLResidency2018 (ex. Andrea.Rossi_FALLResidency2018).

(Copy, paste and fill in all the below onto your file).

(All the files must be in one single PDF except for the images which will be in JPG in a separate folder).

▪ INFO about APPLICANT (on Page 1 of your PDF file):

INFO about the ARTIST:

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Country of Residence and Address:
Languages spoken: (the residents must speak English or/and Italian).
Link to your website (optional):
Indicate the preferred dates for the residency you are applying for, if any (between 2-weeks and 1-month):
* 1 month residency: October 1st-30th;
* 2 weeks residency: October 1st-15th or 16th-30th.

▪ ARTIST STATEMENT (no more than 250 words).

▪ RESUME/CV (up to 3 pages).

▪ LIST of ARTWORKS (Img.1_Title, date, media, dimension and a brief explanation of the project/piece if needed).


VISUAL ARTISTS: up to 10 images in JPG following this criteria:

a) name your file as the example: Img.1_name.lastname;

b) size is 72dpi, max. resolution 1240 x 1240 pixels.


Fiction-Non fiction-Playwrights: send up to 3 pages of Work samples can be a work-in-progress or already published work; whatever you feel will make for the strongest application.

Poetry: send up to 10 poems (the maximum is three pages of length in total).


The residency fee covers: room and studio space for the artists, full furnished shared kitchens and bathrooms. We also offer each resident a bicycle to use during the residency period. The activities organized by B.A. are also included.

We organize during the residency a range of activities that we highly encourage to participate to: studio-visits with local artists, visits to the castle and the paper mill, field-trip in Brescia and others. Towards the end of the 1-month residency we host an open-studio/party and invite our neighbors and collaborators from our close towns to visit us.

You can find more info about the location here: https://benacoarte.org/about/

Meals are up to the residents.
Flight tickets and VISAS are also responsibility of the residents, however we will be happy to help with the organization of the trip and writing a letter for a VISA or GRANT application’s process when needed.
The fee is already subsidized and we don’t have currently any fellowship available.


We welcome a maximum of 5 artists at time, each artist will be provided with a private bedroom, and a shared, semi-private or private studio, along with 24/7 access to the building.

Four of the bedrooms are very large and they can function both live-work space. The remaining is a standard size bedroom and has a dedicated separate working space on the top floor. There is a second semi-private studio space that will be awarded to an artist needing more space for his work and a shared co-working space with a coffee table and a couple of armchairs open to all the residents as a communal area for research or writing etc. still on the attic. Anyway, all the studio spaces will be optimized according to the artists necessities.

(Note: please specify in your application if you have preferences or needs of a specific separate studio for your work).

The building that hosts us was built in 14th century, all the bedrooms have high ceiling and big window, you can check out some images of the building (inside and outside) here: https://benacoarte.org/location-2/.


For further informations your questions can be emailed to:


Good luck with your application,

Giada Crispiels, B.A. director.